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Excellence, perfection, and greatness underpin everything we do. By attaining these values, the impossible becomes reality.Solar panes installation become one of our most powerful services ever — an emblem of artisanship of MAKO & Partners in perfect harmony with electric technology.In darkness, we make our own light. Others follow our brilliance.

How much can you save by installing solar panels?
MEL cooperate with the best specialists in the UK.Captivating clarity of solar panels design and uncompromising character is articulated through in every sense.Solar and battery technology has become very efficient, so with MAKO you are now able to make savings of up to 80% off your energy costs.

Will solar panels look good on my home?

All is about an electrified entity with profound power of energy freedom.We install top performing panels that are designed to look great. Our technicians will design a system around your property that is aesthetically pleasing and tailored to type of your roof.

How easy is it to install solar?

MEL make installation very easy by taking care of the entire process for you. After an initial survey, our technicians design a tailored system to maximise savings on your energy costs. We then agree on an installation date, take care of the paperwork and provide ongoing support and maintenance. It is a really easy process.

Do I need planning permission?

Domestic solar panel installations are ‘permitted developments’ and don’t require planning permission, but homes in conservation areas may require council approval.

Are my panels under warranty?
Yes, your panels will be under warranty. The product warranty depends on the model, some are covered for up to 40 years. Our technicians will help you understand the warranties before you buy. We are also committed to monitoring your installation, and if something does not work correctly, we will contact you and solve it

How do I maintain my system?

The MAKO generates its own aura.Our unique service means that unlike other installers we will visit and give your system a free health check in the first 12 months to make sure everything is running smoothly. Thereafter, for a small fee we will visit every year to clean your system and fix any problems. We are dedicated to you for the long run.

Can I sell my excess energy?
Renewable energy is fast becoming the most precious commodity on earth. Everyone craves it – but only a few specialise. Amid this scarcity and high energy costs, MAKO offers free energy abundance through the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG). Depending on how and when you use your electricity there will be times when you produce more free electricity than you require. The SEG was introduced to replace the old Feed-In-Tariff, this allows households to sell their energy back to the grid and help fund the investment, export payments are currently up to 0.055p per kwh.

Do you require sunlight?
Our solar strategy is to extension of people and planet future — setting a new precedent for how technology and renewable energy are married with excellence. Solar panels operate on daylight NOT sunlight. So even on a cloudy winter day you will be generating electricity.

You can expect to save anywhere between 50% and 80% off your electricity bill. You will also receive export payments for electricity you sell back to the grid.MCS certified installation will instantly increase the value of your property.

Gliding into tomorrow!Enter serenity... 

This is not the end of the journey. MAKO & Partners represents the first of an endless range of renewable energy possibilities. Ultimately, the future belongs to our owners of tomorrow: their imagination, creativity and desire willing to use our solar panel. 

MEL intuitively compliments your desire for a better tomorrow, becoming a true companion.

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