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MEL core business  from a years is providing  the satisfaction from our uniqueness a range of British customers.We place great emphasis accurate services to all our clients by keeping quality at the heart of our services.Knightsbridge Apartments is located a 3-minute walk from Harrods, 800 metres from Royal Albert Hall.We are proud to announce that 199 Knightsbridge Refurbishment Project in partnership with Maxspace Basements ended with a great success at showcase a comprehensive range of decoration and finishing techniques, innovation and design. Our continued experience and development underlines our commitment to delivering the highest quality result on all our projects.
MakoExpert Management is proud of the work we carry out for clients and it's always good to know how clients feel about what we have achieved...
" The job was carried out to  a very high standards and in the good programme"  
We are so proud to announce our best  ever effective experiences  with massive changes and growth in the 2017.
We are doing something we’re so passionate about! We’re very grateful by the support and a lot of positive feedback over the years – We would like to say a huge thank to all our customers! It’s with great pleasure that we share new information from one of our largest commercial project in MakoExpert history.
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More than one home every minute will need to be refurbished in the UK between now and 2050, experts say.The authors of a report to Parliament say 25 million existing homes will not meet the insulation standards required by mid-century.The UK needs to cut carbon emissions by 80% by then - and a third of those emissions come from heating draughty buildings.That means 25 million homes need refurbishing to the highest standards by 2050 - at a rate of 1.4 homes every minute.
By Roger Harrabin
BBC environment analyst

There are many ways MakoExpert Ltd  could meet construction industry needs that would  be fully satisfying for British customer.Working in partnership with our clients to create projects that stand the test of time,after long preparation we are proud to announce the opening  a new construction profile that's also kind of our speciality - External Wall Insulation.Our Team of External Wall Insulation Experts have their own unique experience and skills from Poland, making sure that every project a commitment to excellence - that will enable you to attain the success you seek.
Some of our projects require only a small team but we are also able to commit over 20 operatives on the largest insulation projects.MakoExpert regularly enter into framework and partnering arrangements with our clients where contracts are negotiated or procured through single source methods and an open, integrated approach is naturally adopted. This openness and integration adds huge benefits to a project when we are involved at an early stage. It allows us to undertake detailed pre-start planning and provide technical data and specifications to be included for external wall insulation strategy and materials selection, in partnership with the rest of the project team.

MakoExpert provides a range of external wall insulation packages for contractors and consultants, suitable for all insulations stratedy. Most importantly, we are the only point of contact you will ever need as we bring together all the relevant trades and skills under our insulation management team. 

MakoExpert Ltd have to dot the i's and cross the t's.We are very pleased to announce to launch of our brand new service by supervision our supplier Mr Boguslaw Skinder,worked as experienced fine artist in USA, Canada, Japan, Vietnam, Germany,Poland and Dubai
20 + years dedicated work experience as fine artist for multiple clients. Innovate constantly, blending excellent painting skills, strong technical background and cutting edge creativity to create innovative paintings and murals. Highly organized, dedicated and accomplished artist, offering broad based experience and professional development in traditional media.Combine comprehensive background in creating and leading innovative and dynamic artworks with emphasis in concept, detail and style. Established a reputation for delivering high quality work on time . Able to own the material and make smart decisions based on content , not just instructions.
MakoExpert built a strong reputation in our industry for being one of the most efficient and reliable finishing companies, providing a consistent and reliable service.Our ability to respond to our clients' requirements on time, on budget and to the highest standards is evidenced by a substantial portfolio of testimonials.Validity and reliability is a cornerstone of our company where validity and reliability of service go hand in hand.
MakoExpert ltd offers the complete range of refurbishment services required for major construction projects, for sensitive and sometimes historic buildings refurbishments, and for general, high quality of painting and decorating.

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