Mario(Operation Manager) said:"MakoExpert Ltd operate with agility and promptness and thrive in a positive, forward thinking, proactive environment .I am delighted that MakoExpert Ltd efforts and determination have been recognised by our customers and peers in the industry.With our suppliers and contractor support each other as a true team ensuring our customers get the very best projects and products, delivered on time with efficiency, innovation and quality at the fore.The impossible doesn't exist for us..."





MakoExpert Team does attention to detail and attention integrity and strict adherence to painting and decorating specifications. Our clients, often with complex project requirements, have come to rely on.

We would like to prove that creating trust through honesty, integrity and mutual respect is the best way to grow a strong business. We will listen to our clients, and make their goals for each building project our goals as well. Doing this, our family-owned company will continue to build upon our unparalleled reputation for service and quality, fostering our long-term growth as a trusted trader.
















MakoExpert Ltd  offers the complete range of decorating services required for sensitive and sometimes historic buildings refurbishments, and for general. We deploy a high performance finishes and a logistics infrastructure.



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MakoExpert Ltd Managing Director


In  2017 MakoExpert Ltd does not slow down tempo!Our services at Farley Court located next to Madame Tussaund  are a testament to the incredible power of hard work, experience, and consistency in the painters team and management. Each of these projects is different, but they have one thing in common: They are an inspiration.We constantly undertake repeat business and referral projects throughout  Greater  London.

Given the industry’s size and weight, our painting and decorating strategy  including  external wall insulation citing numerous best world practices , it is intended not only for small recipient but also design companies, suppliers of technology and building materials or equipment.For many in the construction industry, our excellent working techniques  possibly radical one, but it is the path to a more innovative, productive British construction future,” said Mario .

Joanna Wolowiec

MakoExpert Ltd Managing Director

Impressive care in planning and execution!

In November 2016 Mario and his team redecorated the public areas of our London block containing 18 apartments. The work included cutting out and replacing water-damaged plaster, making good damage to woodwork, preparing and repainting woodwork, walls and ceilings on three floors, with two staircases, 18 front doors, other doors to service areas and fire escapes and the whole of the entrance lobby. Meanwhile 18 families needed to come and go with trolleys, pushchairs and bicycles and take delivery of goods and we even had one new family move in with furniture during the time the painting was being done. Everyone was impressed with the care shown by Mario's team. Their planning and preparation and the way they protected our stair and corridor carpets was faultless. Their consideration was greatly appreciated and their friendly and flexible approach enabled us to work with them at every stage to ensure that both residents and painters were happy. The results are impressive, as was the care taken by Mario to go through the building with us to make certain we were satisfied. For us it had been a major undertaking, and one we had put-off for several years because it seemed overwhelmingly complicated until we found Mario. The work was done with the minimum of fuss, to high professional standards by friendly and skilled people and we are very, very happy.

Jennifer Wearden 

Westend Property Management Ltd.


Reviews make a huge difference to customers when it comes to choosing a trader and they are a great measure of engagement with the scheme also it will give to our whole team's a motivation to maintain the unique performance.

Joanna Wołowiec 

MakoExpert Ltd  Managing Director

We are proud to announce the launch of a brand new company logo as part of our ongoing evolution company providing professional painting and decorating service for our clients.MakoExpert  Ltd has grown and evolved over the last 11 years, and we felt it was time for a change. We have refreshed our logo to reflect who we are today and to symbolize our dynamic future.


MakoExpert Ltd Management

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Last month here at MakoExpert  Ltd we carried out painting and decorating works for Stonebridge Catholic Church Community Centre.This was a charity contribution , we received no remuneration ,a chance to give a little something back to the community.We are proud that we can make Stonebridge priest and parishioners a little bit happier.

Very happy!

After a recommendation from a member of our church community, I asked MakoExpert Ltd to come over and see if they could tackle a persistent damp stain in the meeting room of our Community Centre. Despite the cause of the damp being sorted in the past, the staining has always quickly returned.  Since MakoExpert decorated the room two months ago the staining has not returned and the room is now transformed into a clean, bright and cheerful place to meet. The quality of painting is excellent.

The Managing Director, Joanna Wolowiec was very helpful in following the project from start to finish and I had no problem in leaving the painting team to get on with the work without me being around. All of the work was carried out to a professional standard, quickly and without leaving any mess. I was impressed that the managing director even came on site to inspect the finished work herself.You can imagine my surprise when she told me that the finished work would be free of charge as a charitable community project.I have no hesitation in recommending MakoExpert Ltd as specialists in Painting and Decorating.

—  Fr Antonio Ritaccio / Parish Priest Church of the Five Precious Wounds Brentfield Road, Stonebridge.


MakoExpert Ltd is synonymous of boutique service. Our works ambition – to inspire greatness – embodies the same restless curiosity that spurs our team into new terrain of Great Britain.


MAKO is built upon great experience and passion that surprise, delight and inspire. Our collective of team workers takes the nascent sparks of your ideas and make them a reality in the refurbishment projects.


After careful consideration we decide to unveil new perspective. We see what others construction companies cannot. The years of being in people’s homes have taught us many things. Not least what our customers want: cleanliness, pleasantness, reliability and a nice professional finish that will last. Of course, we concentrate on just that and like to think we do it well. We still do try very hard to deliver a better service, knowing that alone is the secret to our continued success.


Throughout championing experience in construction since 2004, we launched refurbishment speciality, a forward-looking vision that fosters our creativity through collaboration with contractors and Mako Team who share our passion for pushing excellent finish and conceptual boundaries.


We are proud to announce the launch of our services available also in the luxury properties and palaces available throughout the United Kingdom as part of the ongoing development evolution of The MAKO brand.

we proudly present : Wantage, Oxfordshire Luxury Project

Special time  of unparalleled attention to detail, carefully distilled into one sublime form.Here is a place where beauty is made.The luxury home in Wantage should be a source of inspiration for our potential customers.A unified refurbishement collaboration under one roof with a single objective: to achieve the extraordinary as they build dreams of our Customers!


M&M General Building Service began it's journey in 2006 operating now as a MakoExpert Ltd and since then Mario-MakoExpert Ltd Operation Manager has worked on an extensive range of decorating projects throughout London:

Westfield London, Guildhall Project,1 Finsbury Circus, Bovis Lend Lease,Bridge Academy Hackney and 23 Savile Row Project.

Precise approach to decorating has provided us with an influx of different paint projects, that have kept us flourishing to this day. Our high quality standards means our client base are very happy with the finished results. Recently we have seen a rise in enquiries from new clients to improve the work of sub standard Painting & Decorating Companies in London who have left them feeling unsatisfied .

We appreciate your trust and the confidence you have placed in us.


When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.
Security Camera

For added security and a peace of mind we recommend installing our state of the art scaffolding security equipment by our experienced and approved contractor. Sensors will be placed in strategic locations to prevent possible intruders for the duration of outside works. The equipment will give you alarm notifications as a text message and a call for you to take action if an intruder is detected. For the further layer of security we install CCTV that is remotely accessible from your mobile or stationary device. Please contact us for further information.


More than one home every minute will need to be refurbished in the UK between now and 2050, experts say.The authors of a report to Parliament say 25 million existing homes will not meet the insulation standards required by mid-century.The UK needs to cut carbon emissions by 80% by then - and a third of those emissions come from heating draughty buildings.That means 25 million homes need refurbishing to the highest standards by 2050 - at a rate of 1.4 homes every minute.


​By Roger Harrabin

BBC environment analyst

There are many ways MakoExpert Ltd  could meet construction needs that would  be fully satisfying for British customer.Working in partnership with our clients to create projects that stand the test of time, after long preparation we are proud to announce we 're developing a new construction profile that's also kind of our speciality:External Wall Insulation. Our Contractor of External Wall Insulation Experts have their own unique experience and skills from Poland, making sure that every project a commitment to excellence - that will enable you to attain the success you seek.


The Martel Guest House in Golders Green in my opinion is considered one of the most demanding painting and decorating projects in the history of MakoExpert.This hotel is in the same amazing family since its opening more than 30 years ago.It was a real estate property and it was at least 70 years old, giving it character and makes it even more like a 70 years old villa. The reason why we have carried out our services in this large, difficult  and complex project is that through our excellent experience, projects work smoothly, and design obstacles are eliminated.

MakoExpert brings as much care and attention along with experience to the residential sector, as it does to large commercial projects. We refurbish and decorate private homes and country houses, we undertake work in stately homes, mansions and manor houses, in addition to private estates and homes for the elderly where accommodating the needs of residents is an essential part of any contract. We bring detailed management and fine craftsmanship to every project, large and small.

Joanna Wolowiec
MakoExpert Ltd 
Managing Director

One of the our goal is to meet the best and cooperate with them in the construction potential.Our success to date has been built by consistently delivering a quality service to all our Clients. To continue our success we need to add more business contacts to our strategy. We are committed to participate in various conferences or business shows to achieve our goals.